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Seller Agreement Terms

A Facsuit is clothing attached to a flat surface like cardboard by which it appears that the person is wearing the clothes, when in fact it is a facade posed in front of the user who is on a video call like Zoom. You are making and selling Facsuits. You are permitted and encouraged to create your own variations, improve the design and process, and share that information with other Facsuit sellers upon an award.

You are not hired by It is not a partner or participant in your sales. There is no commission fee. You are in business for yourself. simply enables you to do business.

As a Facsuit seller, you will receive, for free:
• your own online store, easy to set up and get going
• information on setting up your receiving payments on line
• instructions on how to make and sell Facsuits
• directions for finding the tools and materials to make Facsuits
• instructions and forms for officially getting a resale license
• sales statistics on what is being order and is selling, to help you focus production
• sales information for your own sales, including calculations for paying sales and income tax
• shipping information on the various rates and actual calculations
• helpful hints, graphics and shortcuts
• updates and improvements in the system
• customer feedback and comments across the internet social media
• easy placement of your Facsuits for the customers to find, based on your descriptions
• public promotion of to draw customers to you

All that you will pay for all of these services is $5 per Facsuit that you advertise. No more.

You can sell an unlimited number of Facsuits, which will be all be displayed in your store, as well as being publicly displayed for buyers in the main buying section. You upload the picture of it. You set the price and describe it. You provide your contact information for the buyer to contact you directly. Sales tax and shipping cost is calculated for you, and the totals are provided to you in convenient reports, such as for your quarterly sales tax and annual income tax. You are responsible for collecting, reporting and paying the sales taxes, but we make that easy for you with the total figures to use and the forms.

In exchange for setting you up with this lucrative business, you agree that you will:
• honestly charge each Facsuit customer at the stated price, plus shipping and sales tax
• immediately ship the ordered Facsuits to the customer
• use your best skill in making Facsuits, adjusting the quality to match the price you are charging
• make adjustments such as customized work as requested at a reasonable additional cost
• refund or repair at the customer’s request any returned Facsuits
• promptly respond to potential and existing customers who have questions or complaints
• communicate with your customers in a polite and professional tone
• treat your customers as you would want to be treated
• always give the customer the benefit of the doubt as to any disputes

Honesty and quality are the highest priorities. The measure of a business is not whether problems arise, but how you handle it when they do. You are a member of the team, a virtual representative of Yelp and other reviews help or hurt all of us. will reward sellers who receive good reviews, but may restrict or remove sellers with negative ones after direct communication and an opportunity to satisfactorily resolve the dispute. Any disputes with are to be resolved by California law within Riverside County courts.
As a condition of enabling you to sell Facsuits through this system, Facsuit is required to be able to engage in the process. DOES NOT charge or retain any portion of the sales you make, only the uploading advertising charge. However, Facsuit is obligated to facilitate disputes between you had your customers, including the ability to issue a complete refund to the customer, as a last resort. You are expected to resolve any dispute with your customers directly, either by a repair or restoration of a Facsuit they purchased, replacing the Facsuit with another satisfactory to them, or a refund as may be due.

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