About the Facsuit

In the COVID and post-COVID environment, those lucky enough to stay employed have had to work from home, having Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp, and other video conferences and meetings, instead of face-to-face encounters. Even court hearings and trials have been conducted by “remote” appearances through video. The soaring prices of gas and housing have forced people to move away, cementing the need for remote video communication. The trend is de-urbanization.

We have come to enjoy working from home, avoiding the commute, having more quality time at home, and even handling home matters during work breaks. The spoiler is the expectation that you still have to wear a suit and tie on these video calls, even if it’s just a few minutes. Who wants to get dressed up just for that? Judges get absolutely hostile to a lawyer appearing on video who is not in a suit and tie. The Facsuit is simply the practical compromise, to look like you’re wearing a nice suit and tie where it’s required, and then quickly take the Facsuit off in a second as soon as it’s over.

For those people who are still unemployed, making and selling Facsuits through this website can provide a substantial income, a small business that can be done at home. For those needing the Facsuit for video meetings, it provides the ease and comfort desired.

This website operates as a specialized online swap meet for you to buy or sell Facsuits. The buyer selects one to buy, and the direct contact information for the seller pops up, for phone or email direct communication. Special features, sales tax and shipping can be arranged directly. Payment is online. It’s that easy.

Ken Carlson is the originator of the Facsuit and the owner of Facsuit.com.

Since beginning his law practice in 1980, he has created innovations including a completely online law practice with all attorneys and staff working from home, and an online database to manage remote staff businesses. He has helped California tenants since 1999 through CalTenantLaw.com.

He is also the author/composer etc. of the musical comedy, “Legal Ethics,” available as a download 90 minute audio from LegalEthicsMusical.com, which he hopes you will enjoy.


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