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You may hire other people to make Facsuits that you will sell. There is no restriction on the number of people or their qualifications, except that you are ultimately responsible for the final product to the customer. You are free to hire these people on your own by whatever agreement you make, but those workers who are supplied through Facsuit.com will be under a separate agreement with which you must comply. This agreement is made by you with Facsuit.com to abide by those terms with which those provided workers have agreed [โ€œMakerโ€].

For tax purposes, you will obtain their social security number, and agree whether they are to be a regular employee, for which you will deduct income taxes, unemployment insurance, and related charges and provide medical insurance or whatever other benefits the law requires or that they will be an independent contractor receiving a 1099 for tax purposes. Consult your accountant about this.

You will pay the Maker at the rate of $20 per hour [USD], conditioned upon their providing at least one Facsuit per hour which is properly made and satisfies your standards. The Maker is initially being instructed by the Facsuit.com videos, but once they are working for you, they can make variations as you request, such as size, color, style, or variations such as shirt and tie, or tie and jacket. You must specify the clothing sources and costs, such as at a thrift store no more than $10 for a jacket or $5 for a shirt, or to buy Womenโ€™s clothing from Thredup.com or other sources you identify. You can specify the colors of the jacket and shirt or blouse, and the style and size of the tie. You are taking the risk that the Facsuit does not sell for whatever reason, but still guaranteeing to the Maker full reimbursement for costs of production of the accepted Facsuits and the shipping costs of any return to the Maker of rejected Facsuits. If the Facsuit is properly made and complies with your instructions, you must pay the Maker who so performed in good faith, even if the colors or other details are not to your liking.

The Maker is responsible to buy their own equipment and supplies, and to repair and replace them as necessary, and they own that equipment. They are responsible for buying the cardboard for the Facsuit body, shipping bags and boxes, and clothing used to make the Facsuits, and for the shipping cost of what they have sent to you. Upon your receipt of the completed Facsuits, you will pay them for their time at $20 per hour according to their time sheets, up to a maximum of $20 per accepted Facsuit. If you reject a Facsuit, you do not pay for that Facsuit or the associated hour, and you must return the Facsuit to the Maker for corrections. At that time, you will also reimburse the Maker for the costs of the clothing from which they have made the Facsuits, the cardboard for the body, the shipping bags or boxes used to ship to you, and the cost of that shipping, itself. You will pay them by PayPal to their PayPal account. You will timely serve the tax documents to them and provide proper accounting to the taxing agencies.

Once you have purchased the Facsuit from the Maker, you own it, and may post it for sale in your store. You are not obligated to share any portion of the profit from the sale of the Facsuit. If the Maker made 4 Facsuits in an hour, you are only obligated to pay them the $20 for that hour they spent. If the Facsuits sold for $150 each, you are entitled to retain the entire profit from those sales. The Maker is not bound to continue working for you, and may agree to work for other sellers or become a Seller. Fair treatment of the Maker, clear instruction, and specification of what you want, in writing, will promote a mutually beneficial and lasting relationship.

By entering your name below, you agree to abide by the terms of hiring Makers supplied by Facsuit.com.


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